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Toolila Furniture

Reliable High-end Furniture Supplier in China.

What’s the difference?

There are many Furniture Suppliers in the world, especially in China, but Toolila Furniture is the only one among them. Why?

Market competition will inevitably lead to lower and lower prices of homogenized products, because people seek differentiation, the easiest way is to attract through low prices, and cut corners in craftsmanship and materials, the final result is bad product quality and affect product experience.

The difference between Toolila Furniture is that we adhere to the quality of our products, ensure that we use good materials and process standards to produce with each customer, and complete every order with quality and quantity. The most important thing is:

On the production side, we effectively control the total production cost under the premise of ensuring quality through centralized procurement of raw materials and scientific production management methods.

On the marketing side, we use effective Internet marketing channels, bypassing the multi-layer intermediate channels, and directly supply furniture to sellers and customers, so that our products have a very good price/performance ratio, thereby winning the recognition and reputation of customers.

At present, we have complete metal furniture, wooden furniture and processing capabilities, providing high-quality furniture products for a wide range of hotels, restaurants, churches, events and other scenarios.

In the factory in Foshan, our showroom has a variety of furniture samples made for customers. If you are interested, you are welcome to visit and our professional sales consultants will give you the most suitable product solutions.

Factory Inspection

Location: Longjiang town (Chinese Furniture Production City)

Area: 50000 square meters

Capacity: 200 sets home furniture per month

Annual Sales: 20 million US dollars

Certificate: SGS, ISO9001

Employees:200 employees, including over 150 workers and over 50 office staffs

Machine: Cutting machine, Bending machine, Welding machine and robots, Wood-working machine, Sewing machine, etc.

Market: Exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North United States

Happy Loading

When an order is loaded into the container, it is the happiest time for the whole factory.

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