How to Distinguish Different Kinds of Real Leather for Upholstered Furniture- Complete Guide 2024

How to Distinguish Different Kinds of Real Leather for Upholstered Furniture

With the improvement of living standards, people at domestic and abroad are paying more and more attention to furniture,the customers are very cautious about the materials used. They are not only required to be environmentally friendly, but also comfortable and high quality. Genuine leather is commonly used in furniture. Everyone is familiar with it, but they really don’t know how to distinguish good leather from bad. Let’s give a detailed introduction on the types of leather and how to distinguish good leather from bad. Generally speaking, the common concentrated leathers on the market include green leather, nappa leather, textured leather, litchi leather (embossed leather), oil wax leather, and frosted leather.


Full green leather and nubuck leather

Full green leather and nubuck leather are relatively the most expensive! Both are full-grain crusts. To put it simply, these two kinds of leather are cowhide with fine leather and very few scars. Therefore, their surface treatment process is very small, so the quality of the leather is very high. As long as there are so many scars, the leather will basically be useless. Yes. Compared with full green leather, the surface of nubuck leather has a layer of frosting proces


Nappa leather

There are slightly different opinions about Nappa leather, but from the perspective of our manufacturer, Nappa leather is among so many leathers!! It has almost no texture, is very smooth, and has a moderate softness and hardness in the hand. Nappa leather refers to a production process that can be used on both microfiber and genuine leather, so the price of Nappa leather mainly depends on the grade of the leather embryo.


Textured leather

The textured skin is a natural pattern formed by repeated beating in a bucket. On the one hand, it can cover up some scars, and on the other hand, it retains the soft touch!! It is relatively the most cost-effective leather, and it is also the leather that is now widely used on furniture.


 Pebbled leather

This is almost the oldest skin. This kind of skin is relatively rare now. The embossing is heavier, so it can cover more scars! Therefore, the grade of the leather does not need to be too high, and the hand feel is not so soft. This kind of leather is no longer recommended.


Oil wax skin

When used on furniture, they are generally retro styles, and the effect is relatively glossy.The so-called genuine leather refers to the raw skin peeled off from cows, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or certain other animals. After tanning and processing in a tannery, it is made into leather materials with various characteristics, strength, feel, color and pattern.

  1. Really good leather feels very good when worn, breathable and lightweight; while poor leather, although it is also genuine leather, has poor breathability and is not as comfortable as good leather. .
  2. Tested good leather and poor leather can be distinguished by water droplets. Good leather will change color when it is stained with water droplets; but when poor leather is stained with water droplets, the water cannot be integrated into the leather and will not change color. Some people mistakenly think that leather will change color when water droplets get on it, which is a misunderstanding.


  1. Good leather will fade after being worn for a long time, but it can be restored to its original state after being wiped with shoe polish. This is because good leather has obvious pores and can absorb the color of shoe polish on the leather surface very well; while the color of poor leather will not fade and will fade over time, making it impossible to use shoe polish. Go to recovery. This is because poor leather has to go through multiple layers of coating, and the pores have been covered by the coating, so it cannot absorb the color of the shoe polish.
  2. Good leather only requires slight water-based processing on the surface to keep its original flavor; while poor leather requires multiple levels of modification, often with water-based and oil-based coatings. Oil-based coatings contain high levels of formaldehyde and are not Environmental friendly. Just like a woman’s face, young and beautiful women often only need a light coat of whitewash to look bright and beautiful, while women with bad skin need to use thick foundation, concealer, etc. to cover up the original skin texture.
  3. Therefore, often good leather may have slight flaws and neck lines, but poor leather will not have any flaws.

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